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What’s wrong with research about female bosses

Washington Post — A bevy of research tells us that—even in the year 2013—professional women are regularly disparaged when they’re seen as too vocal. Case in point, Dr. Victoria Brescoll, assistant professor of organizational behavior at Yale, recently found in her research that talkative women are seen as less competent than quieter female professionals (and […]

The Rise of Executive Feminism

Harvard Business Review — In the aftermath of the publication of Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In, two things are becoming clear. One: we are in the midst of a powerful new feminist movement. And two: the backlash has already begun. Led by high-powered women like Sandberg and Princeton professor Anne-Marie Slaughter, a new wave of executive […]

When women dare to out-earn men

The Economist — OF THE many glass ceilings constraining women’s careers, one is particularly important yet often overlooked: the wage of the husband. In a new paper, Marianne Bertrand, Emir Kamenica (both University of Chicago) and Jessica Pan (National University of Singapore) show how thick this ceiling really is. In a country like America, in […]

A real ‘binder full of women’

The Washington Post — On Tuesday, Catalyst, the New York-based research and advisory organization, released its annual census on the state of women in business leadership roles. As has become sadly typical, the results show a “glacially slow” move in the percentage of board of director seats, executive officer roles and top-earning jobs held by […]