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Marines Fly Helicopters With Mini-Tablet

DoD Buzz – U.S. Marines recently landed K-MAX and MH-6 Little Bird helicopters autonomously using an i-Pad like mini-tablet device during a demonstration at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va., Navy and Corps officials said. “With one touch of a mini-tablet in their hand, they have been able to autonomously land a full-size helicopter onto an […]

Industry, Military Emphasize Need for ‘Cyberwarrior’ Training as Attacks Increase

National Defense Magazine — Government and military leaders have for years warned of increasingly pervasive and nefarious cyber-attacks. The network intrusions, perpetrated by nation states, hacktivists and thieves, are growing rapidly, experts have said. To quell attacks, a premium has been put on so-called “cyberwarriors” — professionals trained to root out and stop network intrusions […]

Common Sense from the Top, Sequester or Not

TIME — A memo recently went out to the military’s technology and contracting community, encouraging them to “request requirements relief” in situations where the cost of satisfying a requirement exceeds the benefit. This guidance is particularly relevant given the current sequestration situation. Specifically, the memo encourages program managers to consider trade-offs “in cases where significant […]

Fostering Tech Talent in Schools

New York Times — (SEATTLE) Leandre Nsabi, a senior at Rainier Beach High School here, received some bluntly practical advice from an instructor recently. “My teacher said there’s a lot of money to be made in computer science,” Leandre said. “It could be really helpful in the future.” That teacher, Steven Edouard, knows a few […]