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Navy Names First 4-Star Female Admiral

Times — President Obama nominated Vice Admiral Michelle Howard for a fourth star Friday, becoming the first woman in Navy history to attain the rank—assuming Senate approval—of full admiral. She currently serves as deputy chief of naval operations for operations, plans, and strategy. She has been tapped to serve as vice chief of naval operations, […]

Greenert Defends LCS Survivability

DoD Buzz — The ability of the new Littoral Combat Ships to survive combat was comparable to other surface warships despite criticism that the aluminum-hulled LCS class would be prone to fires from a hit, the chief of Naval Operations said Friday. All surface combatants acting independently, as the LCS was designed to operate, were […]

Navy Develops New Class of Oilers

DoD Buzz — The U.S. Navy is surging through the early stages of development to build a new class of replenishment oilers able to replace the aging current fleet starting in 2020, service officials said. Called TAO-X, the new fleet of oilers will include a new ship design engineered to accommodate the commercial-off-the-shelf technologies, said […]

Foreign Policy | The Next Generation of UAVs

In an example of how the next-generation of stealthy UAV will be here within the decade, Lockheed Martin has just revealed the Sea Ghost, an unmanned Naval strike jet. While the vast majority of the world’s current fleet of combat UAVs aren’t much more survivable against modern air defenses than a World War I bi-plane, […]

AOL Defense | Navy May Buy More F-35s, Not Fewer, Under F/A-XX Initiative

The Navy’s F/A-XX initiative has been depicted as an ultra-advanced “sixth generation” aircraft that the Navy would prefer to buy instead of Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. But AOL Defense interviews with Navy and industry sources strongly suggest that the service has little appetite for another expensive development program and that the most likely […]

Navy Times | Target Areas Announced for SEAL Diversity

The latest marketing campaign to recruit more minorities and diversify the Navy’s special warfare community will focus on Southern California and the mid-Atlantic, and it may include metropolitan areas with heavy concentrations of Arabs, Persians and Hispanics. Those minority communities of Detroit, Miami and the area from Atlanta to North Carolina’s Research Triangle are the […]