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DoD Details Planned Cuts If Budget Caps Remain

Defense News — The Pentagon has laid out plans for how it would cut $66 billion in procurement and research-and-development projects between 2016 and 2019 should US defense spending caps remain in place. The cuts would affect dozens of Defense Department programs, including the Lockheed Martin F-35 joint strike fighter, Boeing KC-46 aerial refueling plane […]

Industry, Military Emphasize Need for ‘Cyberwarrior’ Training as Attacks Increase

National Defense Magazine — Government and military leaders have for years warned of increasingly pervasive and nefarious cyber-attacks. The network intrusions, perpetrated by nation states, hacktivists and thieves, are growing rapidly, experts have said. To quell attacks, a premium has been put on so-called “cyberwarriors” — professionals trained to root out and stop network intrusions […]

US Army Seeks ‘Iron Man’ Armor for Commandos

Defense News | US Army researchers are working on building hi-tech body armor that would give soldiers “superhuman strength” in a real-life version of the suit featured in “Iron Man” films. The blueprint for the “revolutionary” Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS) would include an exoskeleton to allow a soldier to carry heavy equipment, built-in […]

DOD Readiness Depends on Workforce Diversity

American Forces Press — The Defense Department’s commitment to equity and inclusion is rooted in the belief that diversity is a readiness imperative that gives a strategic advantage, a senior DOD official said recently during the 10th annual National Latina Style symposium. Nearing the eve of National Hispanic Heritage Month, observed from Sept. 15 to […]

Failure to Launch: Military Space Programs in Search of New Direction

National Defense Magazine — Satellite communications are in short supply. Networks are defenseless against cyber attacks. Spacecraft cost too much. And the acquisition process is out of touch. This is only a partial list of what ails military space programs. Across the military, demand for satcom services, weather data and other space products is growing, […]