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Why do female CEOs get fired more often than male ones? The answer may lie in a term you’ve never heard: The Glass Cliff.

Boston Globe – Congratulations to all the high-powered women who have made it to the top. You’ve done it. You’ve shattered the glass ceiling. You have it all. Now don’t fall over the edge. It’s called the glass cliff, and as more women take up the corner office, it’s a vexing challenge we face. Companies […]

How can businesses boost their female talent pool?

Encouraging women onto boards is essential for success. So what’s the secret to achieving better gender diversity? Guardian — Research shows that Fortune 500 companies with more women officers and board directors financially outperform those with fewer. The numbers also suggest that not enough companies are making tangible efforts to develop and promote women to […]

She’s (Rarely) the Boss

New York Times –– IT’S the annual conclave of the presumed powerful, the World Economic Forum in Davos, with the wealthy flying in on private jets to discuss issues like global poverty. As always, it’s a sea of men. This year, female participation is 17 percent. Perhaps that’s not surprising, considering that global business and […]