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The 5 Biases Pushing Women Out of STEM

Harvard Business Review – By now, we’ve all heard about the low numbers of American women in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Some argue it’s a pipeline issue – that if we can interest more young girls in STEM subjects, the issue will resolve itself over time. But that’s not convincing. After all, the […]

Barclays joins the bet on women-led firms

Washington Post – Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In movement could be more than a manifesto. It may have helped to create an actual market for investing in companies that put more women at the top. On Thursday, Barclays will begin offering its Women in Leadership exchange-traded note, an investment that tracks an index of 85 U.S. […]

Pershing Study Reveals American Gender Paradox: If People Prefer How Women Lead, Why Aren’t There More Women in Leadership Positions?

Press Release via Wall Street Journal — Pershing LLC (Pershing), a BNY Mellon company, today released a new study titled, Americans Crave a New Kind of Leader–And Women Are Ready to Deliver, which presents a conflicting but positive outlook on the changing role of women. Among the key findings in the study is that while […]

Navy Names First 4-Star Female Admiral

Times — President Obama nominated Vice Admiral Michelle Howard for a fourth star Friday, becoming the first woman in Navy history to attain the rank—assuming Senate approval—of full admiral. She currently serves as deputy chief of naval operations for operations, plans, and strategy. She has been tapped to serve as vice chief of naval operations, […]

Female Troops Medevaced from Afghanistan at Higher Rate Than Male Comrades

TIME — As the U.S. military prepares to send women into the toughest combat billets for the first time, Pentagon medical officers have just released data showing that while “battle injuries” were the leading reason male troops were flown outside Afghanistan for medical care, “mental disorders” topped the list for female troops. That shouldn’t come […]

Your Company Doesn’t Need a Women’s Network

Harvard Business Review — Another women’s conference finds another predominantly female group of HR Directors seeking to improve the gender balance in their firms. In reality, women are working far too hard at an issue actually beyond their power to solve. Corporate leaders must recognize that additional women-dominated efforts are not the way to get […]