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U.S. Defense Industry Needs Export Reform to Beat Global Competition

National Defense Magazine – Global commercial aerospace and defense markets are far more competitive than is currently appreciated in Washington. The sales of manned and unmanned military aircraft, satellites and advanced sensor systems are no longer shoe-ins for American firms selling to U.S. allies. Being underbid by state-backed companies from China is not the only […]

Robotics Tomorrow | Global Defense Robotics Market to Reach US$7.5 Billion by 2018

Robots are playing a major role in automating the modern battleground, reducing human deployment and thereby lowering casualties. These pilot-less vehicles are a far throw away from the cumbersome Goliath robots, the first-ever military-application robots, deployed by the German army during the Second World War. Advanced sensor technologies enable robots to spot threats more easily […]

Co.EXIST | EdgeFuse: A Pinterest For Making Weapons

It was inevitable that defense contractors would embrace social media for R&D sooner or later. Mav6, a smallish aerospace outfit, is promoting a new platform called EdgeFuse that lets defense contractors, military personnel, and government employees trade relevant tweets and instagram photos via smartphone–in short, a hybrid of Delicious and Pinterest. Will social networking build […]