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Secunia l Nearly 50 chemical, defense companies hit with cyber espionage attacks

Nearly 50 (and quite possibly more) companies in the chemical, defense, and other sectors have been hit with a spear phishing campaign carrying a backdoor Trojan with the ultimate goal of exfiltrating R&D and manufacturing information, revealed Symantec in a newly released report. The attacks against these companies started in late July 2011 and lasted […]

DoD Buzz l Report details defense industry cyber attack

Security software giant Symantec isn’t naming any names, but it reported Tuesday that it’s been tracking an ongoing cyber-attack against what sound like companies Buzz readers might recognize. Chinese malware has been snooping around the computer networks of, as Symantec put it: “Multiple Fortune 100 companies involved in research and development of chemical compounds and […]

Stars and Stripes | Government role in protecting private sector in cyberwar debated

By GEOFF ZIEZULEWICZ Stars and Stripes, June 2, 2011 While last month’s cyber attack on defense giant Lockheed Martin has drawn concern about vulnerabilities in the defense industry, cyber watchers have also debated the role the U.S. government should play in protecting the so-called “critical infrastructure networks,” the corporate computer systems that run power grids, […]

DoD Buzz | DoD: Cyber attack is act of war

By Philip Ewing Tuesday, May 31st, 2011 9:23 am The United States could respond to a cyber-attack with real-life military retaliation, DoD will say in its pending cyber-strategy, the Wall Street Journal’s Siobhan Gorman and Julian Barnes report. Military officials hope that making such a proclamation will deter potential bad guys from attempting a “Die […]

Reuters | U.S. arms makers said to be bleeding secrets to cyber foes

By Jim Wolf, Tue May 31, 2011 7:24pm EDT WASHINGTON | Top Pentagon contractors have been bleeding secrets for years as a result of penetrations of their computer networks, current and former national security officials say. The Defense Department, which runs its own worldwide eavesdropping, spying and code-cracking systems, says more than 100 foreign intelligence […]