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Boeing To Build Its First Offshore Plane Factory In China As Ex-Im Bank Withers

Forbes – Facing severe pressure from state-subsidized foreign competitors and the end of federal export financing, Boeing BA -3.11% has decided to throw in the towel. After a hundred years of producing its commercial aircraft exclusively in the U.S., the nation’s largest exporter will build its first offshore aircraft plant in China. The new plant […]

CNN l Probe finds ‘flood’ of fake military parts from China in U.S. equipment

The results of a more-than-year-long Senate investigation into counterfeit parts being used in U.S. military equipment were released Monday and – as they had from the start – investigators are putting most of the blame on China. “Our report outlines how this flood of counterfeit parts, overwhelmingly from China, threatens national security, the safety of […]

WIRED l DHS, Not NSA, Should Lead Cybersecurity, Pentagon Official Says

In the midst of an ongoing turf battle over how big a role the National Security Agency should play in securing the nation’s critical infrastructure, a Defense Department official asserted on Wednesday that the military’s controversial intelligence agency should take a backseat to the Department of Homeland Security in this regard. “Obviously, there are amazing […]

Factbox: India’s growing defense market

India plans to spend about $100 billion over the next 10 years to upgrade its largely Soviet-era military equipment, as Asia’s third largest economy looks to match its military power with its economic clout. In what has been described as one of the world’s most dangerous regions, with three nuclear-armed countries bordering each other, India’s […]