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DoDBuzz | The Battle to Replace the Hellfire

By Philip Ewing Published: 13 June 2011 You know about the Joint Strike Fighter and Britain’s “joint strike frigate” — well there’s also a “joint strike missile” in the works. DoD wants the Joint Air to Ground Missile to replace three long-serving, near-legendary weapons: The Tube-Launched, Optically Tracked, Wire-guided missile known as TOW; the Maverick; […]

Washington Post | NASA’s salt-sniffing climate satellite successfully launched

By Brian Vastag Published: 10 June 2011 NASA’s ocean-watching Aquarius sensor soared into space Friday morning on a mission to fill critical gaps in understanding how the Earth’s oceans affect the planet’s climate. In a key success for NASA’s climate science program, the Aquarius device achieved orbit aboard an Argentine-built satellite, called SAC-D. Two previous […]

AP | Boeing eyes Asia, MidEast to boost revenue

By ALEX KENNEDY, Associated Press, June 3, 2011 SINGAPORE — Boeing Corp. is counting on growing demand in Asia and the Middle East for military aircraft to help offset possible spending cuts in Europe and the U.S., a top company executive said Friday. Austerity measures to help lower government debt will likely reduce military spending […]