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Hagel: Troops’ workplaces will be checked for ‘degrading’ images of women

Army Times — Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has ordered a close-up and comprehensive inspection of all military offices and workplaces worldwide to root out any “materials that create a degrading or offensive work environment.” The extraordinary searches will be similar to those the Air Force conducted last year and prompted officers to scour troops’ desks […]

In the Army Now

Foreign Policy — An instructor at West Point once told me that if she had a daughter, she would not want her to attend the Academy or join the Army. “I want my daughter to be part of organizations in which all jobs are open to her, provided she meets the qualifications,” she said. At […]

Washington Technology | Northrop wins $299 modification for Global Combat Support System

Northrop Grumman Corp. won a $299 million contract modification for the Army’s Global Combat Support System after the service added requirements to the project. The Army is using the contract to modernize its logistics organizations on Army installations and to better field the department’s deployment plans, a Northrop Grumman Information Systems spokesman said Aug. 15. […]

Dod Buzz l NIE saves Army $6 billion

The Army estimates it has already saved $6 billion by canceling under performing programs through soldier feed back during the Network Integration Evaluation. Army officials have trotted out that figure since Capitol Hill has raised questions about how much the Army is spending to running the NIE that Army leadership says is vital to the […]

AW l Army Tests Wireless Detection Technology

The U.S. Army isn’t shy about promoting its efforts to revolutionize the way it buys communications gear, sensors and ground robotics, while at the same time refocusing doctrine to push tactical decision-making down to its rifle squads as much as possible. The two efforts go hand-in-hand. Over the past two years, the service has been […]

Women in Aerospace l Col. Laura J. Richardson talks challenges, given the leadership award from Women in Aerospace

Before taking home the 2011 leadership award from the non-profit Women in Aerospace organization, Col. Laura J. Richardson said she believes the challenges for both men and women in Army aviation are largely the same. “I think they are the same challenges [for] everybody — if they are going to be a leader in Army […]

FP l Ten tips for that Marine staff sergeant: Or, what I learned about life on terminal leave

Here’s a response to yesterday’s query from a Marine staff sergeant about what today’s job market it like. It is written by a Marine officer who recently made the leap to the civilian workplace. 1. Learn to market yourself in the language of the business world. Many Marines and veterans struggle with transposing their experiences, […]