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Boeing Delivers Record Number of Jets in 2014

Wall Street Journal – Boeing Co. on Tuesday reported record annual orders and deliveries of its commercial jetliners alongside a drop in the number of canceled deals, easing investor concerns about a market bubble as the company prepares for another boost in production. The world’s largest aerospace and defense company by sales secured net new […]

Their New Materials: Using the latest alloys and composites is only part of the answer for today’s manufacturers

Wall Street Journal — BOEING CO.’S 787 Dreamliner has drawn popular attention as the first commercial plane with skin made of carbon-fiber composites. To the aviation industry, the plane’s less-heralded materials underneath—including highly engineered titanium and a range of cutting-edge aluminum alloys—are equally significant. Not long ago, passenger jets were built of familiar metals such […]

Los Angeles Times | Raytheon Develops 13-Pound ‘Smart Bomb’ for Drone Aircraft

When it comes to munitions, Raytheon Co. usually thinks big. Multi-ton bunker-busting bombs. Jet engine-powered cruise missiles. GPS-guided 500-pound bombs. Now the Waltham, Mass., defense giant believes it has something small to offer. After developing a 13.5-pound “smart bomb” for four years, Raytheon has carried out a successful test flight at the Army’s Yuma Proving […]

Korea Times | EADS Welcomes Korea as Partner

As the financial crisis puts a squeeze on defense budgets across the world, developing a new fighter jet is becoming an increasingly risky business. Observers said that this year’s Farnborough International Airshow was much quieter than usual with less attention paid to the declining defense industry compared to the commercial side. Many participants at the […]

AOL Defense | Navy May Buy More F-35s, Not Fewer, Under F/A-XX Initiative

The Navy’s F/A-XX initiative has been depicted as an ultra-advanced “sixth generation” aircraft that the Navy would prefer to buy instead of Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. But AOL Defense interviews with Navy and industry sources strongly suggest that the service has little appetite for another expensive development program and that the most likely […]