RRStar.com l GE Aviation receives annual Outstanding Supplier Award

GE Aviation was named a recent recipient of the Outstanding Supplier Award from Federal Defense Industries (FDI).

The award is given in recognition of excellence in performance and the accomplishment of the suppliers that support a certain area of the defense industry. Winner categories include aircraft components, electronic components and vehicle components. GE Aviation was recognized for its work in aircraft components.

“Our goal is to identify and recognize the best performers,” said Tracy Sohn, Federal Defense Industries’ quality system administrator, in a press release. “We constantly monitor and annually review more than 3,800 OEMs, manufacturers, and suppliers for accuracy of materials received, purchase order volume, timely delivery, and FDI employee rankings for vendor cooperation.”

The award is the first presented to GE Aviation from FDI. The company was recognized for its speed, accuracy and support in supplying the defense industry, which have all been consistent over the years, according to a press release.

FDI, headquartered in California, supports the U.S. military through the expedition of new supplies of equipment and parts.

By Franz Osorio
February 04, 2012

RRStar.com l GE Aviation receives annual Outstanding Supplier Award

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