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By KEITH JOHNSON A company of U.S. Marines recently conducted a remarkable three-week patrol through southern Afghanistan, replacing hundreds of pounds of spare batteries in their packs with roll-up solar panels the size of placemats to power their battle gear. Marine Lance Cpl. Dakota Hicks connects a radio battery to a solar array in Sangin […]

AVIATION WEEK | Northrop Unveils Firebird MALE Aircraft

Northrop Grumman is planning to publicly unveil its secret Firebird aircraft later this month at the Pentagon’s Empire Challenge, an exercise designed to demonstrate intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance technologies that can be fielded quickly. Despite mature work in the unmanned rotorcraft, airship and high-altitude UAS markets, company officials have remained unsatisfied at the dominance of […]

Defense Tech | Boeing’s Phantom Ray Stealth UAV Makes First Flight

Boeing’s Phantom Ray stealthy UAV demonstrator made its first flight last week out of Edwards Air Force Base. The fighter-size Phantom Ray is derived from Boeing’s unsuccessful X-45  bid for the Navy’s unmanned combat air system demonstrator program. Boeing engineers were undaunted and decided to tweak the X-45 design and continue developing the bird on […]

Press Release | Northrop Grumman Buys 15.6 Million Shares in Accelerated Share Repurchase (NYSE:NOC)

LOS ANGELES — May 3, 2011 — Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) announced that it has entered into a $1 billion accelerated share repurchase (ASR) agreement with Goldman, Sachs & Co. “This transaction will immediately reduce outstanding shares by approximately five percent and demonstrates our continued commitment to value creation through effective cash deployment. Upon completion of […]