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NASA Test Fleet Mobilized For Climate Projects

Aviation Week — Remote-sensing satellites have become indispensable tools for weather forecasting and resource monitoring and, given the right set of instruments, researchers believe future spacecraft could also dramatically improve the understanding of climate change and air pollution. That is the aim of Earth science researchers involved in three parallel missions underway at NASA’s Dryden […]

She’s (Rarely) the Boss

New York Times –– IT’S the annual conclave of the presumed powerful, the World Economic Forum in Davos, with the wealthy flying in on private jets to discuss issues like global poverty. As always, it’s a sea of men. This year, female participation is 17 percent. Perhaps that’s not surprising, considering that global business and […]

Lifting the Ban: Now What?

TIME — The timing was right, politically, for the outgoing Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to declare that he is — upon the recommendation of Army General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs — lifting the ban on women in ground combat. The team that believes in equal opportunity, as well as equal rights, […]

Pentagon to remove ban on women in combat

Washington Post — Outgoing Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta has decided to allow women to serve in combat roles, a watershed policy decision that follows years of calls for a fully inclusive military, defense officials said Wednesday. Panetta and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, are expected to formally announce […]

Bringing More Women Into Computer Science

Huffington Post — It’s no secret women students are woefully underrepresented in computer science. There’s a fun event coming up doing its part to help change that — the Windward Code War. University of Wisconsin Computer Science Professor Joline Morrison said, “We really appreciated that the competition emphasized strategy and problem solving rather than simply […]