Archive | December 19, 2012

Pentagon, Lockheed Agree to Fifth Lot of JSFs

Aviation Week — Final negotiations on the fifth low-rate, initial-production (LRIP) lot of F-35 production are complete, and the last $127.7 million of that deal has been awarded to Lockheed Martin. The total value of the contract is $3.8 billion and covers the airframe only; negotiations with Pratt & Whitney on purchasing the F135 engines […]

When women dare to out-earn men

The Economist — OF THE many glass ceilings constraining women’s careers, one is particularly important yet often overlooked: the wage of the husband. In a new paper, Marianne Bertrand, Emir Kamenica (both University of Chicago) and Jessica Pan (National University of Singapore) show how thick this ceiling really is. In a country like America, in […]